Admission Route


For JUPAS and Non-JUPAS candidates

To enroll into GBUS program, candidates must fulfill the minimum requirements of SBM admission. The admission score calculation of GBUS program is the same as the SBM admission score calculation.

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview for admission purpose. 

For detailed information, please refer to the SBM admission website here.

For students who are already enrolled in the B&M program


Students who have already entered HKUST Business School can apply to join the GBUS program through Major Selection Exercise in each semester. The last window to apply is at the end of Year 2 Fall semester.


Figures and Statistics


Composition of a GBUS cohort (figures from 2017)

JUPAS: 63%
Non- JUPAS: 16%
Mainland and MTM: 10%
International: 11%

JS5013 Global Business - JUPAS admission figure in 2018



For JUPAS candidates

1. Is there any application interview for JUPAS applicants?

Ans:  Shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview if you are applying to the GBUS program. For JUPAS candidates, there will be two rounds of interview usually. One before the DSE exam and one after the DSE exam.

2. What is the interview format? What are some of the interview questions asked?

Ans: The format of interview this year is to be confirmed, as it is different every year. The purpose of interview is to assess your critical thinking, presentation skills, teamwork skills, etc. Interview questions cover a wide range of areas, and their purpose is to know whether there is a good fit between the candidate and the program.

3. What is the weighting of the interview?

Ans: There is a minimum level of academic excellence you have to attain, but the program looks for promising students with good attitude, presentable demeanor and a good fit for a career in business. The weight of the interview score shall not be bigger than 40% of the total admission composite score.

4. When will the interview take place?

Ans: First round interview will in conducted in May 2019 and second round interview will be conducted on 20 July 2019 (Tentative).

5. What is the quota for students admitted through JUPAS?

Ans: Please refer to the JUPAS website for updated information. 


For Non-JUPAS candidates

6. What is the expected IB admission  score for GBUS?

Ans: For admission for IB students, an IB score of 40 or above will typically be considered competitive in academic achievement. Again, we do not have any preferred subject as we value the diversity of our students' background. Apart from your IB score, we also review the overall strength of the application.

7. What is the expected GCEAL admission score for GBUS?

Ans: We review the overall strength of the application in addition to the GCE AL score.  From our previous admission statistic, we admitted students with 3 A*/ A*A*A in the GCE AL result. Again no specific subject requirement or preferred subject. 

8. Should I apply in the Early Round Application or Main Round Application? 

Ans: Our admission is on rolling basis, thus we encourage students who are interested in joining us to apply in the Early Round Application.

9. When will the interview take place? What is the interview format?

Ans: We start conducting interview with shortlisted candidates since December. Interivew invitation is sent to candidates on a rolling basis. We usually will arrange a face-to-face interview. If the candidate could not attend a face-to-face one, video interview could be an alternative.

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