Our Core Courses

GBUS 1000   Global Leadership Development 

The course is designed to promote students' personal development, teamwork, communications skills, career preparation, leadership capability, and a global mindset.

GBUS 2010   Global Business Analysis 

This course develops students' proficiency in business analysis by building competence in using fundamental tools for business problem solving and delivering professional presentations

GBUS 2020   Public Service Project 

This is a project-based service-learning course with the aim to nurture students' passion in socially responsible leadership. Students will collaborate with a non-governmental organization to design, lead, and implement a service project.

GBUS 3010   Global Perspectives on Contemporary Issues 

This course aims to develop students' capacity for critical reflection. To deal with human interactions in a global setting, we need to equip ourselves with a spectrum of understanding and responses that go beyond our parochial mind-set. The course exposes students to issues outside the business field, providing an opportunity to explore relevant topics concerning their community, their world and themselves.

GBUS 3030   Global Business Case Studies 

This is an advanced case studies course that develops students' proficiency in conducting business problem solving and presentations under conditions simulating real business settings.

GBUS 3040   Doing Business in Asia and Emerging Markets 

This course intends to develop a deep understanding of the contextual factors of Asia and emerging market countries, with a specific emphasis on the risks, challenges and mitigants to doing businesses in these countries. In studying key social, cultural economic, geographical, political and historical characteristics of these countries, it is expected that students will gain a good understanding of how business is conducted as well as the constraints, risks and challenges associated with doing businesses in these countries, such as financial, political, legal, operational and technical risks. In addition, this course aims to explore how country differences impact on business strategies and managerial decision-making in different countries

GBUS 3050   Deal Making in Asia and Emerging Markets 

This course introduces students to cross-border and cross-cultural business transactions in Asia and emerging markets. Analyzing cases studies of different types of real business deals, the course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of doing business in these regions and the opportunity to strategize as corporate decision makers through discussions, role plays, and presentations. The objective is to sharpen students' capabilities in deal structuring, financing, negotiating, and deal closing from a strategic management perspective

GBUS 4910   Capstone Project 

The course is designed for final year GBUS students to synthesize skills and knowledge learned from the program by undertaking a challenging individual or team capstone project.