Years well spent in GBUS prepare me for my Global Career

By Cherry WONG

Global Business program provides ample opportunities for GBUSers to be exposed to various industries through career development workshops and alumni sharing, which has been an important guide for me to discover my passion and my career path. Having discovered my interest to pursue an internationalised career in companies with diversified business units, I applied for summer internship programme at John Swire and Sons and it turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences I had.

I was seconded to the marketing team of Cathay Pacific Airways, assigned to prepare for student loyalty campaign launch in winter. Since I am taking marketing as my second major, the task was particularly interesting to me, and I had huge satisfaction applying classroom knowledge in a real business situation.

Here is a summary of my tasks throughout my 7-week internship: conducted a performance review for Cathay’s previous student promotion activities, mapped the competitive landscape of Cathay in the student segment, identified potential student bodies as partners, established partnerships with various student bodies, conducted interviews and focus groups, as well as initiated and developed a new marketing idea on top of their current marketing plans.

The internship went on smoothly with the help of my supervisors and other cooperating departments, yet fine-tuning and modifications are inevitable for a new campaign. Luckily, I have faced challenging situations during my previous GBUS case analysis courses, which got me ready to pick up different skills quickly and handle workplace challenges.

Cherry WONG

Hong Kong

Class of 2015
BBA in Global Business and Marketing