What an inspiring and fruitful life I have been leading...since I joined GBUS!

By Betsy KWAN

Life has been full of exciting and fruitful experience since I joined the GBUS community in 2013. The very first occasion that I got the chance to meet all my fellows was the Team Building Camp, in which we were assigned to finish different tasks that require teamwork and great perseverance. The day was tough but memorable as I could really feel the strong bonding and support among our peers.

After my first semester in GBUS, I joined the annual GBUS Study Trip to Kyoto. During the 5-day trip, we went to several firm visits including Toyota, Kyocera and SG Holdings. Not until I witnessed the whole manufacturing process, did I know how sophisticated the strategies are adopted by Toyota. Apart from getting a closer look at different industries, we were happy to spend some time with students from Kyoto University and do lots of cultural visits. It was a short yet rewarding trip.

In terms of academics, the GBUS curriculum has given me lots of opportunities to do case analyses and presentations. Not only do we learn how to strategically study a real business problem, but we also strengthen our presentation skills through continuous training and practice. All these have helped us better equip ourselves for future challenges.

In the coming spring semester, I will be going to Vienna University of Economics and Business for exchange. I am looking forward to meeting different people and exploring more outside Hong Kong. Being a GBUSer, I can keep myself exposed to different new challenges every day, and the sense of unity we share in this family is something that I will treasure for the rest of my life.

Betsy KWAN

Hong Kong

Class of 2016
BBA in Global Business and Marketing