Joining the GBUS family is definitely life changing and momentous

By Sandy CHENG

GBUS is a place for you to learn through trial and error, to challenge yourself and to step out of your comfort zone. Never have I imagined I was able or could have the opportunity to join case competitions - step on the stage, present your ideas to the judges and prepare to be challenged. But GBUS – this community equips me with necessary skills and confidence to push my limits.

I was involved with several case competitions and the learning from these competitions is really enlightening and rewarding. I was exposed to a world that is full of business challenges, industry insights and reality checks. Though case competitions are always known as intensive and tough, aside from content-wide knowledge and case analysis skills, what I have also gained is teamwork spirit, ability to work under pressure, and the most important part, friendship. Not only becoming true friends with your teammates who support each other through all the ups and downs in a competition or even in life, you also have the chance to meet some of the brightest mind and fun people from all over the world. Participating in case competitions have made me grow both intellectually and personally.

I would have to say, joining the GBUS family is definitely life changing and momentous to me - learning to challenge myself, gaining vibrant new experiences and meeting a lot of great people.


Hong Kong

Class of 2016
Global Business and Management