Starting up Artfill - the place for creativity

By Gloria CHOW

Artfill is an online community and marketplace for designers, craft makers, and innovators. I came up with this idea when I was volunteering in Mauritius, that I saw people from underpriviledged are striving to sell their crafts and expand their business. After I came back to Hong Kong, I see the same here – many small-brand designers and sellers are struggling to sell and expand. They lack of a platform, a community to gather them together and help them grow. Therefore, I got the idea to create such platform for them.

I am very fortunate to have formed the team consists of devoting individuals, and we are now working towards building the platform. Although we are still in an early stage, we have already learned a lot, had a lot of fun, and yet there are difficulties. One specific difficulty for me is forming the team at the very beginning. It was so difficult to find people who have the same belief and goal as you do, and can perform the specific function you need in the startup. What is more difficult is handling conflicts within the team. There would surely be difference in opinions towards different aspects of the startup, and the decision made can be highly influential. Fortunately, the team is very rational and calm when handling conflicts, and we are able to maintain a close relationship with each other. I am more than grateful to have all these devoting, passionate and caring teammates.

I would describe startup experience as a growing process. We grew from zero, to have received opinions from professionals, gone through stages of pitching and solved lots of difficulties and problems encountered. Yet, we are still growing and constantly striving to grow more. We are now continuing to build the platform, and trying to partner with external parties as well as raise fund. I am looking forward to the future challenges and opportunity, and hoping for a constant growth of the startup.

Gloria CHOW

Hong Kong

Class of 2018
BBA in Global Business