Believe it or not, everything comes from nothing.

By Jimmy CHU

We started from scratch, but achieved unexpected results.

The year of office as the Chairperson of The Finance Students’ Society in HKUST is truly a once-a-lifetime experience and a limitless journey.

Last year, a few of my friends asked me if I would like to join them in forming a student committee, where we would be able to run it on our own without restriction from previous committees. Just as many students here who are passionate in entrepreneurship, I accepted and took it as a start-up project. That is how we started. However, doing start-ups is always way more difficult than what the outsiders think. The absence of previous committees also implies the lack of guidance and support. All the way from making an application to the Council and fulfilling the affiliation requirements, to raising capital, marketing the brand and building up connections, we have experienced so many times of failure and I can recall countless moments that I wanted to give up. The main takeaway here is the training on my mental toughness and learning how to be a responsible leader. From my perspective, what a true leader should do when the team encounter difficulties is to stay strong and determined when nobody else in the team can, stand at the frontline, and be the last one to give up.

Being the Chairperson, I had a lot of opportunities to expand my connections within and outside the school. At the school level, the need of collaboration with societies from different fields and various school departments allowed me to enhance my interpersonal skills and acquire negotiation techniques. In external occasions, social etiquette and networking skills are essential to facilitating cooperation and obtaining sponsorships.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Although I have to admit that I have sacrificed a lot in taking this role, I never regretted, not only because of the organization we established from scratch, but more importantly the unique life story written by myself.

Jimmy CHU

Hong Kong

Class of 2018
BBA in Global Business