BigHeads with a Big Dream

By Alan LAM

I believe that the most fulfilling aspiration in life is to use our talent to bring positive changes to other people’s lives. Inspired by a fellow GBUSer, I established an artistic page on social media called “BigHeads” (@bigheadshk) to share my drawings with inspirational quotes. I find inspiration from my own life to draw about growth, mental health and motivation. I hope to spread more understanding, encouragement and support through my artwork, especially to young people going through similar struggles.

Besides regularly posting on Facebook and Instagram, I have launched several campaigns to share my drawings through various channels, including collaboration with HKUST’s Counselling Centre and charity organizations. GBUS has also paved the way for a critical opportunity where I brought my drawings into real life for the first time. In the GBUS2020 Public Service Project course, I had the chance to mentor a group of secondary school students to organize a booth at the Young Innovators Bazaar in a shopping mall. I was honoured that the teachers and students appreciated my drawings and decided to adopt them as their tote bag design. It was definitely a highlight for BigHeads. The most rewarding milestone would undoubtedly be the cheer card giveaway for HKDSE candidates at study rooms and cafes during the exam period. It was quite embarrassing to approach the students as complete strangers but hearing their quiet and surprised thank-yous and receiving thank-you messages from them were really heartwarming and made me feel what I did could indeed deliver encouragement and bring a positive impact.

Starting BigHeads is surely my proudest life achievement thus far. I am really grateful for this platform to turn my passion into something positive. Once a follower messaged me to share his joy of overcoming depression and thank BigHeads for being part of his journey to recovery. I felt deeply touched and blessed to have brought some positive influence to someone’s life. Knowing that BigHeads can be a source of support is my biggest motivation to keep drawing. Running this page gave me the incentive to take time from school work, reflect upon life and create, at the meantime nurturing my passion in drawing as well as my interest in social media as an aspiring marketer. I was not good at handling emotions and stress but drawing really helped me express myself, enhance my mental wellbeing and channel my emotions into something beautiful.

We can contribute to the community in ways more than we think. Go ahead and do something with your passion. Maybe it will not earn you a lot or make you famous, but it will surely make your life purposeful and make you, “you”.

Alan LAM

Hong Kong

Class of 2019
BBA in Global Business and Marketing