Together, we strive, and thrive

By Alyssa LUI

Taking the lead to pursue perfection and uphold professionalism is what my Federation has always been dedicating to. Being the External Vice President of Hong Kong Federation of Business Students (HKFBS), I realized my impressive growth during this year from the experience, ranging from learning how to step out of my comfort zone to give different things a try to acquiring practical skills in organising different large-scale events to serve our members. As the saying goes, ‘All things are difficult before they are easy’. Although this journey had been challenging at the beginning, I now know it is all worthwhile at the end.

HKFBS is the sole joint-university business society managed by business undergraduates from nine local universities. Leading and serving more than 15,000 members had never been an easy task for a freshman like me who did not have much event organising experience before. Fortunately, with the guidance from our predecessors, we have been able to find our own ways to organise and manage our tasks with a high standard and efficiency. As the External Vice President, I always practice my communication and networking skills through mingling with different renowned business and social leaders and get more exposure to the real business environment by representing my Federation in our rapport with different companies and guests. These are the golden chances that I have always treasured to better equip myself.

I also understand that no one succeeds alone. Working with my 17 other Executive Committee Members makes me realise that only by working as a team could we capitalize on and fully utilize our individual strengths to achieve synergy. During the preparation work of my own function, University Consultation Day, I also faced challenges in managing all the tasks by myself. Thanks to the support and the helping hands of my peers, the event was run successfully at last. From this and other event organising experiences, I realize that the most ideal leadership is not all about doing things alone even when you are capable to perform a really good job. It is about teamwork and giving others chances to unleash their potentials as well. Time flies. Passion, promises, and perseverance last. Being part of HKFBS might be one of the most meaningful choices that I have made in my university life. Things would never be the same without this special experience. Always remember, ‘Together, we strive, and thrive.’

Alyssa LUI

Hong Kong

Class of 2021
BBA in Global Business