An unexpected journey to the MC world

By Caspar CHAN

Life is an unexpected journey. I am more than amazed to experience unexpectedness after joining GBUS family. One of the most memorable things will surely be becoming an event MC (Master of Ceremony).

I have never thought of tapping into the MC world. The very first occasion that I got a chance to have a taste of being an MC is an inauguration event. This experience has thrilled me that I start to enjoy the moment when I step onto the stage and host the event smoothly. With expressed interest in being an MC, I got more opportunities from GBUS and was being referred to other school events including Global Leadership Forum, EMBA program opening ceremony and various alumni events.

I used to think being an MC is an easy job that all I need to do is to speak according to the script. My misunderstanding was disproved after experiencing it. It is never an easy task and hard work is needed. Before each event, I will have to familiarize myself with the event details, rundown, guest speakers and other important information. Then, I will have to write up the script and practice many times. The most challenging part is that I will have to improvise during the event if there is an unexpected situation and make sure the event runs smoothly. MC is never the star of an event. However, with an MC’s effort, he can make the event and even everyone in the event shines like a star.

My MC experience is truly rewarding. Not only has it honed my speaking skills, but also trained me to become more resourceful. I will continue my path for being an event MC. Sooner, I will be the MC of the congregation ceremony of Business School. I am looking forward to it and hope to improve myself further.

I would have to say, GBUS is a really wonderful family.  It is this family gave me opportunities to try and fail, to learn and excel. It is this family brought me life-long friends and bonded us together closely, firmly. It is this family taught me to step out of my comfort zone and challenge my limits. Joining GBUS is life-changing. I am really proud to be a GBUSer.