These Chances: overcoming adversity

By Emily CHENG

During the penultimate year of high school, several friends and I joined together on our own initiative to form a booth at the annual Lunar New Year Fair in Victoria Park. All of us had practically no experience regarding how a business is run, and much of the process had us running into obstacles along the way. However, we emerged from the experience with a better knowledge of not only the business aspects, but also an understanding of how to work with people with different priorities.

When organizing the booth, we first had to decide what type of products to sell to the general public. As such, we set our target audience to be students such as ourselves, whom we had the best understanding of and could envision what sort of items they would buy at the market. We designed a selection of pencil bags, folders, stickers and string bags to be sold at the fair. I was in charge of the designs for some stickers and the folders, while the designs for other items were delegated to other members of our group. However, the biggest problem we ran into was related to our teamwork; since it was around the time of our final exams, not many people were willing to put in time and effort to contribute to the booth. From our original group of over 30, only 6 of us were willing to try and balance the booth work and studies at the same time. All sourcing, design and logistics decisions were made between the small group, with rare input from others.  Even so, we managed to accomplish everything that needed to be done, i.e. order all our products and set up the booth at the fair in time for the market to begin.

Working shifts at the new year market was both tiring and fulfilling. Standing around for hours on end, shouting over the hustle and bustle of the fair-goers and trying to market our products to the passing people really wore us out, but seeing people leave with smiles on their faces after buying one of our products (and seeing our money pouch gradually fill up) was incredibly satisfying. Although we had a rough start, it came to a fruitful end and the memories we made will stay with me for the years to come.



Class of 2022
BBA in Global Business