How I found Enactus in HKUST

By Gabriel TAM

It is amazing how we overcome all the challenges since we met.

I have found a new student society, Enactus (HKUST Chapter), with three other GBUS students and a student from BIBU this year.  Enactus, a word you could not actually find from a dictionary, consists of three parts, which are En- Entrepreneurial, Act - Action, Us - Us, together it means that bringing positive impacts to society through entrepreneurial actions. We would describe ourselves as an incubator generating a diverse scope of social innovation. Inspired by this, our group determined to be part of Enactus, not only to realize our dreams, but also to contribute to the betterment of the community.

Our major highlight would be sending off an HKUST team joining the Enactus Cup, which is a worldwide competition that attracts university students from 19 different countries to showcase their social projects. The team would advance through the regional, national and international levels. As the university chapter, we are providing financial assistance and networking opportunities for our teams to actualize their social projects.

It is amazing how we have overcome all the challenges. I still remember we were having our first meeting in the Starbucks in Festival Walk with a group of ten last winter, and eventually we downsized from a group of ten to a group of five committee members. It was not an easy path especially we were all new to HKUST last year and we were having a very different background and value set.

One thing I learned throughout the year is that as a leader of a group, how I could bring people together, and to achieve that, I always tell other executive committees not to treat me as the president. I firmly believe that the role of a leader is not telling people what to do or what not to do, instead I have to position myself as one of them and always think from their perspectives. To me, the role of a leader is to strike a balance between a “glue guy” and a "bad guy”. I believe by holding the principle of respect, we could always overcome different obstacles.

Gabriel TAM

Hong Kong, China

Class of 2021
BBA in Global Business