It’s all about Give and Take

By Gavin LI

The time when I was in Teach for Hong Kong (T4HK) as an intern has been the most fascinating moment in my first year. Starting from my secondary school time, I was eager to learn about Hong Kong education issues with a personal approach instead of merely knowing it from articles and readings. From GBUS program, I came across the co-founder of Teach4HK and knew about this socially aware start-up NGO. It then started my experience as an Intern during the semester.

With the high degree of agility and flexibility in its work, I was assigned to be one of the Project Coordinators of a STEAM-themed project and performed marketing and logistics work. Thanks to its start-up nature, the work dynamics was so fast-paced and free that I could try out anything I wish to learn. All the learnings I received had been useful for my skills development.

Yet, unlike other internship experience, the most important part of this is never just about skills development. What I experienced the most was to gather a group of like-minded people. In T4HK, all the staff members are eager to make positive impacts to our society. Moreover, I was given chances to walk into classrooms and understand the situation in local schools. This has certainly brought me new insights. In the past, being fortunate to have received proper education in life, I didn’t realize the education issue in real life. There are schools where teachers without proper qualifications are teaching over 15 SEN (Special Education Needs) students; there are instances that ethnic minority students are taught similarly as locals without bridging and adaption. Most of the time, no funding is given for passionate teachers who would like to develop new ECAs.  These stunned me when I was indeed inside the classroom witnessing.

But just knowing it doesn’t mean anything, bringing direct influence is the key takeaway from this experience as well. In T4HK, I assisted in organizing activities and workshops for underprivileged students and training for their teachers. The moment that was memorable for me is that after the workshop, students were giving positive feedbacks showing how grateful they were to join events organized by us. I was delighted yet pitiful at the same time. While students in privilege schools don’t treasure these learning opportunities, those from grassroots sectors value them a lot.

With all the people I encountered at Teach4HK, I can assure you that it would never be regrettable being part of it. I believe everyone has some issues that they are passionate about. The determinant is not whether you are skillful enough, but whether you would like to take the first step. 

Gavin LI

Hong Kong

Class of 2021
BBA in Global Business