Singing to the world

By Liesl LEUNG

Having been involved in choral singing since four-year-old, singing has been my unfailing hobby that brings me immense joy and satisfaction. In the past 14 years, I would devote at least three hours a week to choir rehearsals, to singing, and most importantly, to happiness. Prior to joining GBUS, I was very fortunate to be able to participate in the 10th World Choir Games (WCG) held in Tshwane, South Africa during summer 2018.

The trip has made many of my first-times. It was my first time touching down on the African continent as well as going to such a huge global choral competition. Africa surprises me with its chilly weather and decent development. It was nearly 0°C when I arrived, which I had to put on layers and layers of clothing.

Proceeding to the competition, WCG was indeed an eye-opening and dream-come-true experience making music with choristers from over 60 countries through a series of activities, ranging from Friendship Concerts at the Choir Village to masterclasses with world-renowned choral directors. The two-week choral trip was busy yet fulfilling, with rehearsals and competitions packed every single day. Despite competitions, I had opportunities to make friends with choristers from different countries and know more about their lives. People are very energetic and friendly. I can still recall how I danced together in tribal songs with members of a South African choir after watching their concert. Though I was completely exhausted and lost most of my voice after the trip, it was super enjoyable and I learned a lot both musically and culturally.

Other than that, I also visited a local safari tour where I saw and touched a lion for the first time! The baby lion was cute yet fierce, it bit and pulled my friend's shoes apart. It is definitely a remarkable day for me, having to witness the big five animals and friendly giraffes.

The entire trip was overwhelming, broadening my horizons in various aspects. I would strongly encourage my peers to strive hard in whatever you are doing, be open-minded, and adventurous, so that you are prepared with any unexpected and wonderful experience that life leads you to. Do go visit the African continent if you have the chance, it's amazing, trust me! :)


Hong Kong

Class of 2022
BBA in Global Business