Fueled by Sport

By Ryan LEE

Sports has enriched my life with some of its most treasured experiences to date!

The outdoors and sports have always provided me with an outlet to not only alleviate stress but to grow and flourish outside of academia. A sport that I have regularly involved myself in for the past 6 years is ice hockey. What drew me to it was, and still is, it's fast-paced and high-intensity characteristics.

One of my most unforgettable experiences was during one particular game in 2016. My teammates and I fought tirelessly period after period picking up after each other’s mishaps and supporting one another. I remember vividly that in the final period we had finally scored and secured the junior teams' first win at an international level - a rewarding moment captured and to be cherished for years to come.

Apart from the physical health benefits of sports, it has helped me cultivate a broad skillset that I can apply to my daily life. In the beginning, I was struggling to integrate the arts of skating and handling a puck, but like all skills, through patience and resilience, I slowly gained mastery over it. It taught me that the learning process is slow and we should focus on long-term improvements rather than short-term results. As the level became more demanding, the combination of decision making and time constraints helped mold me to perform better under pressure. Finally, I have been able to apply the sporting spirit and competitive resilience to my work ethic and lifestyle.

Hockey has been an integral part of my life, but I have enjoyed a wide variety of other sports too. Be it a cliché, I generally believe that sport, in any form, will allow you to explore both yourself and the world around you. Pursuit towards sports has been vital to my progression.

Passions are hard to come by but easy to lose. For those who believe they have found it, don’t let up. For those who haven’t, be opportunistic and venturesome. So ask yourself: What is your passion, and what are you going to do about it?

Ryan LEE

Hong Kong

Class of 2022
BBA in Global Business