Taking the lead in serving my fellow GBUSers with my experience in CPD Team

By Athena YEUNG

Having been admitted to the GBUS program only in this past summer, the team building camp with my fellow classmates in September marks the beginning of my GBUS experience. Since the team building camp, my sense of belongingness and involvement to the program have increased my confidence largely.

I first met all my fellow Class of 2017 classmates at the Team Building Camp. I knew we were off to a good start when Emily congratulated us on having our full class present. Not only did I get to learn about everyone's names and stories that day; through working and cooperating together for the "tasks" we were given to accomplish, trust was built among us. I finally get to experience the GBUS atmosphere that I have long been hearing about. Everyone in my class was eager to participate and to do their best. I went home feeling extremely motivated, renewed and ready.

I chose to join one of the initiative teams and began organizing Career development events for my classmates. Though not extremely demanding, it is on this team where I built most of my GBUS knowledge and relations. From seniors who were on the team in previous years, they set expectations and guide us through relationship handling and event planning. Working with classmates with as tight a schedule as I do, time management was also extremely important. I remember trying to come up with the first meeting, it was almost impossible! Lastly, through organizing a Job sharing event this past semester and inviting alumnae from different fields to share with present students, I gained friendships and insights to my possible futures.

Being in GBUS allow you to meet a lot of great people and do what you enjoy. I love the momentum I have being in this program. Knowing the support I have in this community, I always have confidence to take my initiative to pursue anything and everything.

Athena YEUNG

Hong Kong

Class of 2017
BBA in Global Business


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